Whoo hoo: 50 of You to Receive FREE Pucci Vivara Variazioni Samples!

pucci variazioni range

A couple of weeks ago I gave you a heads-up on Pucci's Vivara Variazioni range, which debuts on counter at Brown Thomas, Dublin today.

A trio of swirly, Pucci-print adorned bottles are available from €49 each. There's Sole, in yellow, a fresh, uplifting spritz. Acqua, in blue, is a classic oceanic, and the pink-packaged Sabbia is a soft, powdery scent.


Want to try? You can: the first FIFTY of you gals to go into Brown Thomas (quoting Beaut.ie) will receive a sample of the Variazioni scent of your choice to take away for free gratis. You'll also have the chance to be entered into a competition to win the whole whole Vivara range  - a prize worth over €350.

What are you waiting for? Off to BTs, with the quickness!

Note: we will neither be giving away the samples through the site or running the raffle, so please don't email us your details or leave your name and address in comments. Thanks!

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