Why are we STILL paying more for cosmetics? Let's do something about it

The wolf is at the door.  Actually the wolf is IN the door and the upcoming budget will empty our purses even more.

But we are STILL being overcharged for everything.

Cosmetics in Ireland are far far more expensive than they should be.  Now of course everything in Ireland is far more expensive than it shoud be.  Clothes and  groceries come in for a lot of attention from consumer groups - but there is not enough noise about cosmetics prices.  Not nearly enough.

To put this situation in its starkest terms: it is not uncommon for us to pay up to 40% more then our UK or US counterparts for the exact same cosmetic product.

There is no reason for this.  No reason at all.  Apart from greed.  Although some companies are beginning to change and introduce parity of pricing (and whenever they do we notice and applaud them), most of them aren't.


Step One
Read this post to get more information, facts and figures The Price is Wrong: when will the rip off on beauty products end.

Step Two
And then read this one to find out what you can do about it and make a noise.

Step Three
Every time you see an outrageous mark up, a massive difference in the price of products between Ireland and another country - report it on the Forums.  Let's use our people power to make a difference.  Things won't change unless we stop being so accepting - we need to join together and never ever let another multinational call Ireland "Treasure Island" because their profits here are so enormous*.

Give Beaut.ie a voice - and we'll use it for you.

*rumour has it that this is what Tesco un-affectionately call Ireland 

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