Wonders from Wella: Lifetex Colour Reflex Shampoo and System Professional Luminous Mask

I've been trying some stuff from Wella in the last little while, namely their Lifetex Colour Reflex Shampoo for brown hair and their System Professional Luminous Mask, both above.

The Lifetex shampoo is formulated with a shine complex of nutrients as well as cinnamon extract, and promises to gently cleanse hair while intensifying your colour and adding warm illuminating effects. Not liking to do things by halves, I left it in for the full 5 minutes every time I used it for maximum colour intensity. The result was seriously sleek and shiny locks from the first wash, with definite but natural warm brown, auburn-y tones more evident after every use. With the condition and colour of my hair looking much improved, this shampoo is my current Favourite Thing.

The mask, on the other hand, failed to impress. Sure, it looks the part: it comes in a shiny white tub with a sparkly sticker and the mask itself looks like some kind of fabulous iridescent marshmallow soufflé. It sounds the part, too: it contains panthenol, pearl extract and Behentrimonium Chloride [ye wha', Gay?] to reconstruct and seal the hair and create a smooth, mirror-like surface for supreme light reflection.


Alas, it just weighed down my gruaig and left it not even a little bit shinier than my cheapest rinse-out-immediately conditioner. Not a great experience for My First Hair Mask.

So have any of you knowledgable laydees a recommendation for my second - or do you maybe reckon hair masks are a fierce cod altogether? I'd love to hear what you think!

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