You’ll soon be able to buy this one-coat mirror nail polish so you can do chrome nails at home

Beauty brand Caité London released a teaser for a new liquid mirror nail polish on Instagram and it looks amazing.

They claim that you can achieve the reflective look with just one coat, this will come as great news to anyone who has attempted chrome nails before who have had to resort to salon gel nails that use a chrome powder. It looks incredible, but who has the effort for on a regular basis? While metallic-look nail polish have been in the shops for a while, the results are never as good as what the professionals can do.

Apparently this at-home chrome version is the first of its kind, and the idea that you can achieve the same great look in a fraction of the time (and presumably money) is getting us very excited. They have already got some quirky nail polishes out there and they look divine, we are particularly loving Mosaic Madness. Whether or not you can check your reflection in your nails remains unanswered but we cannot wait to try them out.

Mosaic Madness

Sand Dune

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