Zip it! Zippers as hair bands - ALL the cool girls going to be on board with this one?

Ah here's a trend I fell in love with the very milisecond I clapped eyes on it.  Replace the boring Alice band with a zip!

Kerastase created the look for the Erin Featherstone show at New York Fashion week and here's the guide to copy it.

  • Off you go to Hickeys and buy yourself a nice long zip.
  • Tack your hair with a blast of Bastiste or hairspray so it's not too slippy.
  • Tie the zipper round your head, knotting it at at the nape of your neck, as you would do with a hair ribbon or tie.
  • Probably advisable to secure the whole shebang with a couple of discreet kirby grips so it doesn't go flying at an inopportune moment.
  • Kerastase  opened the zips to get a double zip effect - but this could lead to painful hair pulling accidents, so if you're not sure go with a closed zipper.
pic tweeted by cfda

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