Celebrity Slim - yet another diet in a sachet... Or is it? The trial begins


Now excuse me if I'm jumping the gun Celebrity Slim - but haven't we seen you somewhere before?

Haven't we seen other meal replacement diets just like you many times before in fact? Haven't we seen Slim Fast, Lipotrim and countless other disgusting starvation diets just like you?

Why yes we have. So I'll stop asking rhetorical questions now.

But you're different you tell us. Your shakes are delicious. And the variety of your snacks is incredible. And eating six small meals a day is much better than three big ones, because you see in this way you train your metabolism to burn calories more efficently - and you create a realistic way of eating that you can stick to for the rest of your life.


Well excuse me if I think that two apples, a yoghurt, a bit of salad and some blurgusting shakes are anything but a crash diet and not sustainable in the slightest.

Now if you've lost weight on Celebrity Slim good on you - but I would guess that's because anyone will lose weight on a restricted calorie diet.

But instead of just shaking my head about this diet I'm going to try it. I'm going to live and breathe Celebrity Slim and let you know how I get on! Sure I love doing the trials. My cellulite challange went bottom up (as did my laser treatment) I'll admit - but I did have good results fromĀ  Dove Hair Minimiser, glycolic peels and tons of other things I've tried and tested.

So lets see how I get on with this diet! And if you've been on it/are on it make sure you let me know how you're getting on!

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