My Lipotrim hell


Niamh left a great comment last week about her experience with Lipotrim - the gruelling weight loss craze thet's currently sweeping the nation. I think it sounds gruesome. You drink shakes instead of meals (which reportedly are so disgusting that even though you are starving are very difficult to force down).

Lipotrim is a severe weight loss regime, originally devised specifically for people with a lot of weight to lose - over 3 stone. It is available to those who have much less to lose now however.

As remarks often get swallowed up when there are tons of comments on a post I thought I'd reproduce her remarks here. So over to Niamh!

"You go in get measured, they add up your BMI, then tell you all about it. Basically, its what people who have tummy tucks have to do straight after because their body can't handle food yet.


You take a shake three times a day, they come in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and chicken soup, along with 2 litres of water. You're not supposed to eat ANYTHING at all (as I was told, others had different experiences) until you lose the first stone. Then you can have the bars instead of a shake. I lost 4lbs in the first week, which is great, but the shakes are horrible (I cut back to 2 shakes a day because they are revolting). And as there are no buses going from near where I live to where I work, I usually walk, and I was already tapped for energy because I wasn't eating at all, so I was wrecked all day in work.

I came out in an awful rash down my legs and feet and on my stomach halfway through the first week. I went to my doctor (being the hypochondriac I am) and he told me to come off the diet for 2-3 days, and it went. That on top of the start up price (the chemist I went to charged me €94 for the first week, and €55 for the second, I stopped halfway through then). So yea, I had a bad experience with it, but the weight stayed off, and now I am eating healthily, and do not have any red dots on me!

You're supposed to be on the lipotrim for up to 6 weeks, or until you reach your 'goal weight'. Then you get the meal plan, and slowly work your way back to solids. I really wouldn't recommend it. And its been getting a lot of bad press lately."

So you lose a lot of weight - but hair loss is another side effect. What do you think - would you try it? Have you tried it? Let us know!

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