5 Funny Girls Who Will Make You Laugh

There's nothing better than snorting your morning coffee out through your nose as you succumb to the giggles. Here are 5 funny girls to make you laugh.

Arielle Vandenberg

Arielle Vandenberg has recently started her own Youtube channel – finally! This girl is so funny and she's always having a laugh on her Instagram stories or making hilarious short videos with her bae, Matt Cutshall. These two are a dynamic duo of comedy and are just so relatable. From sketches to just being silly, Arielle is always fun to watch. She also makes some crazy faces. One of my favourite moments is when she turns into Beyoncé in the car just by turning on the air full blast. We’ve all tried it, haven’t we?


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Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy has so much energy it’s unreal and it all gets channelled into comedy. She has the most insane facial expressions and is always dancing, jumping or attempting some kind of somersault. You can catch her on her Youtube channel, social media and on TV. Her new show ‘Liza On Demand’ is available on Youtube if you’re looking for something to give you a giggle.


Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is another funny gem who has the best tweets. So get on twitter and follow her because her content is brilliant. Witty, sharp and unfiltered, Anna lets her thoughts flow and they are glorious. She is one of the most fun people to watch on TV interviews and she can sing. Here she is having a riff-off with James Corden.



Blake Lively

Blake Lively is one half of a super funny couple. Her sense of humour is self-deprecating, playful and endearing. You just want to be her friend because you know you would always have a good time and probably cry laugh all the time. Blake and her hilarious hubbie, Ryan Reynolds, often try to one-up each other on social media. It’s delightful.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is the Australian funny girl of our dreams. Now she’s a big film star, appearing in many Hollywood comedies but she is just as funny in real life. If you watch any of her chat show interviews, you will be laughing. Her humour is very dead-pan and I don’t know how she keeps a straight face. Rebel keeps it real and it feels like she is just a regular person having fun with life.





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