Famous 5: Xmas TV Specials

Lookit, it's December 1st and we're going for it.

And nothing marks the festive season quite like a Christmas special and there have been some crackers down the years (obvious pun, yes, but Santa likes puns).

There's nothing us Irish quite like more than putting our feet up and watching the telly of a Christmas Day, usually with a selection box or two to boot.

Thankfully the TV Gods have provided for us in this hour(s) of need and delivered some quality and memorable TV moments. Here are our favourites;

5 - First of two appearances Ricky Gervais' work will make on this list. Whatever you want to say about him, the man writes a good Christmas Special. The comedy show Extras featured an array of famous faces throughout the series from Samuel L. Jackson to Ben Stiller and Kate Winslet.
The Christmas special which aired in December 2007, sees main character Andy (played by Gervais) trying to coping with his fall from fame by featuring on Celebrity Big Brother...

[dailymotion id="x3untr"]

4 - The Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special of 1993 garnered over 19 million viewers and is still replayed again and again. This next clip from that episode proves why the show still has as big a cult following as it does and is up there in the hilarious stakes with that time Del boy fell through the pub counter.... also worth a watch!


3 - Ahh The Royal Family Christmas Special. It's been a staple down the years and made us all feel a lot better about whiling away our time plonked in front of the TV. Here's a little piece from the 2008 special where Dave and Denise have arrived over having left the children with Anthony - since "Christmas isn't really for children" according to Denise.

2 - For fans of The UK Office there was no greater love story than that of Tim and Dawn. The 'will they, wont they' friendship had fans glued to the TV back in 2003 waiting for this special moment to happen. Apologies for the quality but sure you get the jist!

1 - It would almost be unpatriotic to not give the number one Christmas Special show to Fr Ted, so lucky it actually happens to be the best! If the Irish had a penny for every time they laughed at a Fr Ted joke there would have been no recession lads, I'm telling you. Here is that famous lingerie section scene... we'll leave the last words with Ted.


Do you have any others to add to the list? We'd love to hear them.

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