A Country Gal's Pros & Cons to Living in the City

There are pros and cons to everything in life...exercising, agreeing to babysit your cute but annoying niece, and as the article title suggests moving from the country to the city.  

I've lived in a few different cities in my 27 years; San Francisco, Dubai, Austin and most recently Dublin. As some would say, I'm quite 'well-travelled' for a country girl from a small town in Co. Limerick.   

When I was younger, I couldn't wait to leave the confines of Limerick. While I lived in the countryside, I went to school in the city. However, those of you that have been to Limerick will understand that the city is more like a big town when you compare it to Dublin.   

I couldn't wait to live somewhere where people didn't know my business the moment it happened and where there were endless choices of activities to do and exotic restaurants to eat in.  

But like everything, the grass can sometimes be greener. Moving to the city was not all it's cracked up to be, especially as I found myself living in Dublin in my mid-twenties. As well as some significant positives to the city, it also had its fair share of downsides. I recently returned to the beautiful Mid-West, and I couldn't be more delighted. However, sometimes I do find myself yearning for the buzz of the city amongst the slow-paced country living.   

It's a tough choice to pick between living in the countryside and the city, and one I had to make. If you find yourself in a similar pickle, I've rounded up my list of pros and cons to living in the city, with part two focusing on the countryside here.  

Pros of living in the city   

You will never be bored  

It goes without saying that having an endless supply of things to do in the city is a lovely draw. In Dublin, I loved that you could find something to do literally any day of the week. Between going to see a play on a Monday night, to visiting a Gallery on Wednesday to going for cheeky after work drinks Thursday; you were never at a loose end. Also, the majority of major sporting and live music events usually take place in Dublin and larger cities, which is always great when you live close by!  

More job opportunities  

One of the main reasons I moved to Dublin was for better job prospects. Unfortunately, for many sectors in Ireland, if you want to progress in your career, you need to move to Dublin, as that's where the majority of job opportunities are. Dublin and other major cities are usually great places to kick start your career in and offer lots of networking opportunities as well, which can be essential in the early stages of your professional career. As well as having more promising career prospects in the city, wages are usually higher, which is always a plus.  

Better public transport  


As much as Dublin people give out about the buses, the Dart, the Luas and the Liffey Taxi (what is THAT about?) they don't know how lucky they are to have regular and ample public transport. No matter where you live in Dublin, you have access to the city centre from most areas, something that usually is unheard of in the West of Ireland. I also loved the freedom of being able to walk everywhere when I lived in Dublin's City Centre.  

Cons of living in the city  

The Housing Situ (or lack thereof)  

This con mainly focuses on Dublin, but other large cities like London also have problems with their housing situation. The lack of decent housing in Dublin was one of the main things that irked me about living there. Paying €800 upwards to rent a small room in a shabby, old and sometimes overcrowded house is not ok and never will be. It is a depressing situation to be in for young adults and families alike and really tarnishes the city's appeal.  

It's pricey AF  

Similar to the rent situation, most things in Dublin and larger cities are costly. For example, I once paid €13 for a vodka, soda, lime; seriously. You may be on slightly higher wages living in Dublin, but by the time you pay your rent and bills, it's tough to socialize or enjoy living in the city as everything is so pricey.  

Lack of personal space  

It may just be me, but one thing I could never get on board with in Dublin is the lack of personal space. Between people legit breathing on your neck on a packed Luas like it's no big deal, to people walking hot on your heels during their morning power walk to work; the lack of space is something I couldn't get on board with. Boundaries people!  

There you have it, my country gal thoughts to living in the city. Check out my pros and cons of living in the countryside here. 



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