A model athlete: Rozanna Purcell's health, fitness and wellness tips

Over the last few months, I’ve become friendly with a familiar face, Roz Purcell, who trains a few times a week with my husband, Dave. We often have a chat about food, fun and fitness, so for today’s article, I decided to put pen to paper for one of our chats and get some questions answered for Beaut readers.

To many women, Roz is 'fitspiration' at it’s best. I know how hard she trains and love how she rocks up with no makeup on. She's as real as you can get in my opinion. Damn, I wish I was this together at 25. Roz is much more than a model; she’s a savvy business woman, an ambassador for healthy living and a role model for young women.

If you follow any of her social media accounts, you’ll see what a die-hard fitness and food fanatic she is. How does a former Miss Universe Ireland and one of the country’s top models stay in shape?  Her routine involves a variety of workouts, a balanced diet, treats and cheat meals.

We met for lunch near the gym and had a whopper talk on everything fitness related. She was totally engaged all the time and bar a quick Snapchat of our yummy food, didn’t check her phone once. Have you ever spoken to someone and really understood how strongly they feel about something? Roz’s passion comes across when she talks. She’s clearly happy talking about and living a healthy lifestyle.

She spoke about how she's learned balance is key and how it’s about finding what works for you, not someone else. She explained how she trains for the mental health benefits too: how she gets a buzz from exercise and that it’s something she will always make time for.

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So these are some of the questions I got answered for you guys.

You’ve done a lot already but what do you feel are your biggest achievements so far?

Ironman, and writing my own book Natural Born Feeder. Oh, and Miss Universe Ireland, of course. They all required hard work to achieve, so the feeling of reward I get from them is huge.

Modelling still gets negative press. Do you think it contributes to young women feeling insecure and can be held partially responsible for eating disorders/body dysmorphia?

I actually don’t think it’s just a modelling thing anymore. We’re not just comparing ourselves to models; we’re making comparisons with each other on social media: she’s thinner, look at those abs, she has a nicer car than I do, etc., etc. We need balance in our lives. We should stop competing with each other and start competing with ourselves. Become the best version of YOU and don’t worry about what the next person is doing. It’s easier said than done, of course, and I think I’m getting better with it as time goes on. I’ve become more comfortable in myself.

What is your outlook on nutrition?

Enjoy food! I don’t stick to a diet or cut out any food group. I eat real food. I go out about once a week and eat whatever I like and only up until recently, I don’t feel guilty. So many of us feel guilty for having a ‘cheat meal’. I have decided that if I am going to have a cheat meal, then I’m not going to feel bad about it – no guilt. Since I decided to have this approach, I enjoy my ‘cheats’ even more. Living a healthy life for me is really a lifestyle.


Do you have any current fitness goals?

To be able to smash out some pull-ups and get faster at running, so I’m doing lots of plyometric and strength stuff at the gym with Dave. It can take ages to reach a goal, but nothing feels as good as finally accomplishing it!

Weights or cardio?

Both, to be honest – I love cardio, but the kind of cardio I do now is boxing and less triathlon stuff. I know how important weight training is and how good it is for my body, so I have been doing far more of this the past few years, and I’m loving it.

What would be your typical treat?

I love my own Natural Born Feeder recipe for quick-fix protein. It only has three ingredients and is so easy to make. Here’s the recipe.

Do you take supplements?

Yes, I take apple cider vinegar in the morning, it helps with digestion. I take a daily multi-vitamin called Revive Active and magnesium/calcium/zinc at night.

What is your number one fitness tip?

Sleep – I sleep like a baby. Get into a routine and be consistent. Consistency is key. Also, find out what you enjoy and just go for it. Everyone is different, so it’s not one size fits all. You might like a dance class while your friends like yoga. Do what makes you happiest and you’re more likely to stick to it.


Roz does some form of exercise every day. This isn’t for everyone, and she knows that rest days are important too, but this works for her and makes her happy. It helps balance out all the recipe testing she does for her blog and cookbook! She finds it hard to take a day off and says the only day when she actually does nothing is when she’s at a photo shoot and might not get out for 15 hours. She even plans active holidays like Thai boxing and snorkelling trips. The important thing is to find something that makes you happy and energetic. Balance is different for everyone! Until next time…

Until next time…

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