A shooting, a major decision, & pregnancies galore

Here's what's coming up this week on the soaps...


There's a bit of a mad week ahead in Emmerdale. It all kicks off when Andy and Bernice find themselves in each others arms again, after Chrissie and Andy fall out over that whole Robert getting shot business. You know, the time when Andy let Chrissie's dad go to prison for something he was responsible for? Anyways, tomorrow then sees Lachlan go all demon-child and take a shotgun to Lawrence because his granddad embarrassed him or the like. Lawrence gets shot, Chrissie storms in and see what her son has done, and not long after, Andy also comes running in.... and essentially, Chrissie has found her perfect revenge plan. See, we told you it was all go.

Coronation Street

Leanne gets a scare in Monday night's episode when she worries that not everything is right with the baby, so Michelle takes her to the hospital. Are those two even mates? They won't be when Michelle realises who the baby daddy is... Anyways, the whole experience leaves Michelle feeling broody, and she comes home with a bit of a bombshell for Steve... that fella will be up to his eyes in babies soon. Later in the week then there will be drama for Todd and Billy as Eileen discovers their secret affair.



The residents of Albert Square are still getting their head around Paul's death, with Phil discovering this week just what exactly went down that night. Elsewhere, Lee has worries about fatherhood and will be doing a lot of contemplative staring at an abortion leaflet this week, until Mick finds it and tries to get him on board with being a dad. That is if he'll even get to be apart of the baby's life once Whitney finds out about him and Abby...

Fair City


Ben is faced with a big decision this week as he must decide where he wants to live - with Dermot or Jo. It looks like he wants Ireland however when he hears Dermot talking about his financial worries he changes his mind. Also this week, Farrah and the family are still struggling after last week's hostage situation (naturally enough), while Rachel and Niamh come up with a plan to get rid of Oisin - by sending him away, not killing him or the like - this isn't EastEnders.

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