About Time! New Twitter Feature Hopes to Get Rid of Online Trolls

One of the most annoying things about being on social media is the constant presence of trolls, but Twitter has taken a step in the right direction to try and move against them.

In a new update, the micro-blogging platform has decided to allow users to share block lists, so that they can identify trolls and move to cut them out of their feeds entirely. Speaking in a blog post about the move, the company said that this feature would make "blocking multiple accounts easy, fast and community driven", so that if you experience trolling, you can add the user to a block list that other users can access too.

The move will allow Twitter users who experience a high volume of negative interaction to block a number of users at once, which can help people to put an end to coordinated campaigns by trolls. Lists can be exported from the blocked account settings on your profile, and then shared with others who you think might find them useful.


Blocking users stops them from interacting with you by tweeting you, replying to your tweets or messaging you, and since April, they can no longer even view your profile. Some users will get access to the new facility from today, but it will be rolled out to all tweeters within the next few weeks.

Have you experienced online abuse, and do you think this new feature could help to reduce the number of trolls on social media?

Via The Guardian

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