Adele marks Amy Winehouse's 33rd birthday with heartfelt dedication

Adele has made no secret of her love for Amy Winehouse in the past. The other night, she made a point of mentioning her during a gig in Boston.

Wednesday, September 14th marked what would have been Amy Winehouse's 33rd birthday. At her Boston gig, Adele paid an emotional tribute to her fellow Londoner. Her message was that she owed her career to Winehouse after hearing her debut album Frank at the age of 15.

"I feel like I owe 90 percent of my career to her," she told the sold-out audience. "Because of her, I picked up a guitar and because of her, I wrote my own songs. The songs I got signed on were the songs that I wrote completely on my own – if it wasn't for her, that wouldn't have happened . . . Her first album, Frank, it really changed my life."

Before dedicating her cover of Bob Dylan's 'Make You Feel My Love' to Winehouse, she added: "I'd see her on TV or in magazine shoots with a pink electric guitar and I used to think she was the coolest motherfucker on the face of the Earth."


Watch the video below:


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