Adele's boyfriend did the loveliest thing ever for their fifth anniversary

This is almost too adorable for words

Much wounded as she was in previous loves, Adele really seems to have found 'the one' in Simon Konecki who surprised her with a staggering amount of love notes at the end of her concert in Nashville last night.

Adele has been ending her shows on her current tour by blasting white confetti out into the audience that has handwritten lyrics printed on them and makes for quite the momento for die-hard fans and non-fans alike.

But on Monday night, things were a little different as there was some pink confetti mixed in with some notes that confused the audience at first.


However, they quickly figured out what it was about after Adele herself seemed confused and surprised by the confetti's appearance.


Adele has yet to say anything about the surprise but we reckon she blubbed a lot because we're not even remotely involved and this has hit us right in the feels.

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