Affairs, a fire and a Corrie fave returns

Your preview of what's going on in d'soaps this week.


Rhona and Paddy prepare to head off for Germany on Monday night with the villagers gathering to say goodbye, but considering Paddy doesn't even want to go, we can't see this going to plan.

Elsewhere, Moira gets a card from Debbie leaving Andy even more anxious to find out where she is with his kids, but will Moira cave and tell him? Cain certainly wouldn't be too happy about that.

The main drama this week though is on Thursday night when Belle and Dr Bailey decide to have a romantic rendezvous at the factory. However when they think they're about to get caught they run out, leaving the candles burning... and sure you can guess the rest.

Coronation Street

Monday night is Harry's Christening but Sarah is not coping at all and tells her baby that today they can finally say goodbye to the devil. Hmmm... sounds like Corrie might be pulling a Stacey Slater on this.

It's Michelle who's in the spotlight later this week though as on Wednesday her ex Will confesses his feelings towards her. Michelle is tempted but still resists until Friday when she thinks Steve won't be making it back for her 40th birthday. Turns out though, he actually will (yes, Steve McDonald is really returning!) but will it be too little too late?


Bit of an uneventful week in EastEnders, unless they've kept something REALLY under wraps. Nancy wants to go travelling, she asks Tamwar to go, he says no. He then changes his mind, and then Masood decides he wants to go with them.Awkward. They then need to convince him that they want to go it alone. *Yawn*.

Fair City

There's nothing that spices things up in Carrigstown quite like an affair, and we have one on the cards this week between Tommy and Debbie, who just about resisted the urge to have a forbidden shift on Sunday. On Tuesday however, they give in to temptation and kiss in what's set to be the start of a passionate affair between the two. The scandal of it all. They will have to escape the prying eyes of Dermot though, who's already onto them given he's got nothing better to do now that Jo's gone and left him. Again.

Red Rock

Nikki is determined she will track down Brian this week and is leaving no stone unturned in her search. While Liam is worried for Rachel's safety and insists she stay home from school. However, when Rachel’s brought into the station by Rory yet again, could this be a sign that she know more about Brian’s whereabouts than she’s letting on? Things also take a further dramatic turn on Thursday when Brian's daughter Mel goes missing, but could she end up leading the Guards directly to her dad?

Elsewhere, Tommy's debt is mounting as he continues to help Conor get drugs so he can withdraw slowly. Despite this, he can’t help but give into his son when he comes begging for him to buy his next hit. However, Tommy finds himself in serious danger when he visits a dodgy RIdge estate to pick up the drugs... and as you can see from below, things do not go well.


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