Breastfeeding During a Panel Discussion on Breastfeeding is a No?

You would imagine by now we would all be past this, but nope, here we all are

Newstalk's Dil Wickremasinghe was on TV3's Midday yesterday discussing attachment parenting and breastfeeding alongside fellow panelists Tina Koumarianos, Sonia Harris and Terry Prone. Dil bought her new born baby Phoenix on the show with her and whilst they were talking, she discreetly started breastfeeding the baby, something that pretty much went unnoticed until presenter Elaine Crowley pointed it out.

It instigated a huge reaction from viewers with one caller ringing in to say; "No need for Dil to be breastfeeding on TV. I won’t be watching the show again when she’s on it. She’s a self-promoting gobsh*te. Has she ever heard of a breast pump?"

Although not all reactions were so harsh with many praising Dil for being so open about it, including presenter Elaine herself who said; "I think mothers should be free to choose how, where and when to feed their babies without judgement or condemnation.

"If I didn’t point it out, there is no way anyone would have known little Phoenix was having his lunch live on air! All mothers should be supported no matter what they want to do, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to take your baby to work and he happens to be hungry, well what are you gonna do?"


While Dil took it all in her stride tweeting;

Seriously though, think it's safe to say there are far worse things happening on TV than a mother feeding her baby.

What do you think, was Dil in the wrong to breastfeed her baby on TV?

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