Amanda Brunker Prepares Herself for Backlash from New Show

Amanda Brunker is one person everybody seems to get great craic out of slagging off but I actually think she seems like quite a smart lady with a good head on her shoulders. But she is a former Miss Ireland and she isn't backward in coming forward as the Mammy would say, so does she know what she is getting herself into?

Whatever you think of Amanda, she is back on the box this week for a new TV3 show called 'Danger! Amanda At Work'. Yes that is really the name, I didn't even make that up.

Amanda will be off trying out some of the toughest jobs in Ireland, from deep sea fishing to construction and pig farming over the next few weeks. But she has already prepared herself for the backlash this show might bring, simply because she's in it. Aww.

Brunker told RSVP magazine; "I think it may be time to leave Twitter alone. I get a lot of abuse at the best of times, so when I am on the telly every week for four weeks doing things that are out of the ordinary then I am bound to rub a few people up the wrong way. It’s kind of what I do. I’ve been annoying people for years and this is just the next stage.”

And about the new show itself she said; "I enjoyed some bits but other parts were miserable. But ultimately I was in control of making an entertainment show that has some deep moments, but inevitably it is a bit of a laugh, I hope."


We hope so too, Amanda!

You can see 'Danger! Amanda At Work ' on Thursday on TV3 at 9pm.

So tell us, will you be tuning in or do these kind of shows make you want to watch reruns of Arthur Murphy's Mailbag? And what job would you like a particular celebrity to try?

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