Amy Huberman channels Ally McBeal in her new role as fancy lawyer

Did someone say sexy lawyers are back? OK, it was me. I haven't just plucked the notion out of thin air, however; 'twas Beyoncé what made me think of it. Don't try to tell me you didn't think of going to Law School, or at least study law as part of your three-year arts degree after seeing how well it worked out for Ally McBeal (kind of).

As you'll know by now, RTÉ has recruited Amy "owner of the perfect AW16 shoes" Huberman, to star in two shows this autumn. One is a comedy, the other a drama in which she plays a sexy (presumably) lawyer. And doesn't she look suitably lawyer-y?


Striking Out also stars Neill Morrissey from Men Behaving Badly (!) in what will be a four-part drama about “love, family and friendship in the world of Ireland’s legal system.” K.

Because I know you're wondering, Amy's comedy is Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope, a six-part darkly comic drama penned by TV newcomer Stefanie Preissner and also starring up-and-coming talents Seána Kerslake and Nika McGuigan.

We'll be watching them both. Will you?

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