Are These This Year's Cheesiest Mother's Day Ads?

So yes, we are all well aware it was Mother's Day over the weekend in the U.S., and not only were families around the country stopping to thank their mothers for everything they did for them, every brand and business under the sun was trying to hop on the bandwagon too.

Whether it was the local Major League Baseball team, ice-cream shops or even Hooters (yes, Hooters - the place that all mothers would love to be on their special day), every business made their own version of an ad that promised the world to moms around the country on their special day. 

However, as Oliver points out, while these advertisements say that we're all willing to do absolutely everything for our mothers, it turns out that's not true, at least in America. There are only two countries in the world where parents don't get paid family leave, and one of them is Papua New Guinea. The other? Well, we'll let John explain...


What about Ireland, do you think our policy on maternity leave is good enough? Or even paternity leave?

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