Arms are the new face. Yeh wha?!


Yesterday we were looking at all the hair and makeup trends that are in for Autumn and along with Eighties makeup and frizzy hair there's also another little style secret that you really need to know about.

Arms are the new face.

Arms are the new legs I could have accepted - maybe. But the new face? Damn you Michelle Obamba - you've led the way and now the rest of us must follow. And since it's been almost universally decided that she's pretty fabulous she joins the likes of Eva Longoria who's also known for her loverly arms. (However there is such a thing as too toned - see recent pics of Madonna for instance.)


Now whoever thought of this definitely does have too much time on the things at the bottom of their arms. Or so I like to think. Cos it strikes me that arms are things that fill women with dread. Especially upper arms which may, or may not, be equipped with bingo wings. And unlike faces we can't distract from bits we don't like with lipstick and eyeshadow or anything else. No, we've pretty much got to go to work with a bit of false tan, or (groan the thought) actual excercise. Of course we could always try out those arm spanx yokes - but I very much doubt that they'll work.

Are you pleased to hear this news - or not?

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