Arrests, affairs and Paulie from Love/Hate


Looks like the truth will come out to Dr Bailey about Belle's age this week but she's in for a shock when she realises that he has been hiding the fact he is married. As we'll see later in the week, Belle does not take this news lying down and soon recruits Charity to help her get some revenge.

Elsewhere, Pollard manages to convince David to go in for his operation, while Finn goes and gets himself arrested at a comedy convention he organises.

Coronation Street

Jason and the Grimshaws are in for a shock on Monday night as they discover Tony has died. Yep, his character has died off-screen for some reason that we're sure will be explained at some point. The whole week in Corrie is then pretty much spent with Jason lashing out at everybody and anybody he meets. Good times.

Elsewhere, Michelle attempts to come clean to Steve about her kiss with Will, but of course something gets in the way. Great to have Steve back though all the same, isn't it?


Phil and Denise... our eyes!! Yep, this really happens this week Really, really. On Tuesday night, Phil decides to resort to his old ways and have a drink after witnessing Ben's public display of affection with Paul on Monday, while Denise is licking her wounds after some harsh words with Libby over her pregnancy. Soon, the pair find themselves drowning their sorrows together, and one thing, eh, leads to another. There will be some sore heads the next day, that's for sure.


Also this week, Tina goes and hammers the final nail in the coffin in her relationship with Sonya by cheating on her with this new girl Soph.

Fair City

Eoghan's attitude only pushes Debbie further into Tommy's arms this week, but sure any excuse for this pair. They also nearly get stung by one of their colleagues at the hotel on Tuesday - this affair is already looking likely to be the worst kept secret in Carrigstown.

Elsewhere, Sean continues to sulk about life and whatnot, which leads him to another clash with Deegan - we're sure this storyline has to be going SOMEWHERE. Meanwhile, Rose and Carol both seek to mend the rift between Emmet and Robbie, who refuse to admit they need each other's help. Also this week, Paulie from Love/Hate, or 'Ciaran' as they insist on calling him, seems to be fitting in nicely into Carrigstown, with himself and Emmet set to become house mates.

Red Rock

Well, well, well, Brian is dead - they snuck that one up on us all, didn't they just? Question is, how did he die? Or more importantly, who did it? His death has sent shockwaves through Red Rock with Superintendent Kevin Dunne arriving in to help with the case, much to Nikki's annoyance. Worryingly though, all fingers slowly start to point to Sharon. Ah here, hasn't Sharon been through enough because of Brian?

Elsewhere, Tommy is still recovering in hospital following his near fatal heart attack, while Adrijan’s life is also put in danger this week. Jaysus, nobody is safe in this town are they?


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