Aussie Offers To Pay Pension Of Crying Greek Man In Viral Image

The Greek financial crisis has taken its toll on the people of the country, in particular the pensioners who rely on the state to have enough money for the very basics needed to survive.

In the last few days, a poignant, touching picture has encapsulated exactly what the impact has been of all the high-level discussions for the people on the street in Greece, as one pensioner was pictured sitting outside a bank in tears as he faces into an uncertain future.

The image went viral, and was eventually spotted by James Koufos, the son of a Greek immigrant in Australia who recognised the man as a friend of his late father's. Touched by the image, James wanted to help, and put a plea out on social media to help find the man so that he can cover the cost of his pension and then some, because he knows it's what his father would have done.

Via James Koufos/Facebook


Koufos' plea for help in finding them man similarly went viral, as the man has since been identified as 77-year-old Giorgos Chatzifotiadis. Koufos has also set up a trust fund (the details of which you can find on his Facebook page) for the man so that all of those who have been touched by his story are able to help, no matter how small their donation.

Do you think you would do the same thing in James' position?

Via Time. Main pic via fdecomite/Flickr

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