Babies, exes, and that pesky Oisin


Laurel and Ashley's wedding reception is in full swing on Monday night at The Woolpack, but the bride and groom are nowhere to be seen... dammit, just when we thought we had a nice soap wedding for once.

Also this week, Tess's husband Pierce arrives in the village looking for answers over her death, but it's not long before he discovers that Paddy was having an affair with his wife and the expected pub brawl occurs. It's also clear this week that Rhona is still not able to forgive Paddy - good thing they're not planning on adopting a kid together anytime soon then or the like. Oh wait...

Also this week a familiar face returns to the village in the form of Holly Barton, who will no doubt cause quite a stir.

Coronation Street

It's dramatic times for Sarah on Monday night as she goes into labour five weeks early, luckily Todd is with her, and David is soon on hand too. As she is wheeled into the maternity unit, a terrified Sarah fears there's something seriously wrong, and then is faced with a major decision concerning the birth...

Also this week, Anna and Kevin are very much back on track, and it seems Kevin has found the perfect way to get at Phelan - pretty much kill him with kindness. He even sends a bottle of wine over to Phelan and Eileen's table in the Bistro, which winds him up no end. G'wan the Kevin.

Later on in the week, Carla is dismayed to discover that the sale of the Bistro has gone through before Nick and her have sailed off into the sunset together, meaning that Tracy now has all of the cards, and she's certainly not the type to rest lightly on that power.



Stacey is back in the Square for her day visit on Monday but things take a turn for the worse when she bumps into Kyle, however the pair soon sit down to talk and end up having a bit of a heart-to-heart. Looks like we could be seeing a lot more of this Kyle too, who is the first soap transgender character to be played by an actual transgender actor (Riley Carter Millington).

Elsewhere, Buster is frustrated that Phil is still sleeping on his sofa, so Shirley turns to Sharon for help. However, Sharon doesn't want to know so Shirley ends up talking to Phil instead, and the pair end up reminiscing and sure sparks are flying all over the gaff.

Also this week, Mick still cannot forgive Nancy for Ollie's accident which culminates in a huge family row on Thursday night that leaves poor Nancy devastated. Lee tries to talk his dad round on Friday but will he listen?

Fair City

It seems young Charlotte just can't resist the charms (or lack there of) of those Brennan boys as herself and Oisin grow closer this week and are inevitably a bad influence on each other. They decide it would be a great idea to sell drink at The Pod, but of course Rachel hears nothing of it. Here's hoping these two messers don't make a go of it as they may just be Carrigstown most obnoxious couple yet.

Elsewhere, the awkwardness continues for Doug and Ama as she realises he has told Emmet not to mess her around, while also this week, the 'will they/won't they' drama of Cass's 1916 play continues.

Red Rock

Brian's bedsit is ransacked this week and there's evidence found to suggest it could have been Sharon... WHAT a coincidence, considering Brian's conversation with his solicitor last week.


Elsewhere, it's Bridget’s first day at the beck and call of Joe Fallon where she’s quickly confronted with the harsh reality of working for a loan shark. While on Thursday, the pair head off to a private business lunch at a luxury hotel, but surprise surprise, the client doesn't show up...

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