Barbie and her fat ankles: Christian Louboutin's searing comment

When Christian Louboutin said Barbie had fat ankles all hell broke loose.

In the process of designing shoes for the new Barbie Doll Lauboutin commented unfavourably about her ankle proportions. He quickly denied it, but it was too late. A matter of such seriousness cannot be simply swept under the carpet.

Feminists were outraged. Barbie fans were outraged. Tubby people were outraged. Skinnies were outraged. In short the world found the pronouncement outrageous.

Barbie is no stranger to size battles. For years the plastic one has been subject to an inferno of debate about how her blonde and skinny proportions are unrealistic and place unfair expectations on women at their most vulnerable age.


But is it all just a storm in a shoebox?

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