Diet Diaries: the Negative Calorie Diet

Lose weight - fast! With NO effort! Eating delicious food and NEVER feeling hungry!

Wow this diet sounds like a no brainer doesn't it? There's no scientific (or any other evidence) to back it up - but sure what has that to do with it, hah?

You see, the Negative Calorie Diet works on the made up basis that certain foods use up more calories while being digested then they actually contain. Foods like celery, apples, lemon, lettuce, onions, kiwis, oranges, asparagus... And eating them produces a calorie deficit that causes the body to effortlessly burn up calories!

For those of us who are too dim to understand how such a miracle is possible, an Easy To Understand example is given.


"A piece of pie consisting of 500 calories may only require 100 calories to be digested by your body thus resulting in a net GAIN of 400 calories to be added to your fat storage.

On the other hand, an apple that contains 65 calories may require the same 100 calories to digest, but resulting in a net LOSS of 35 calories from your storage of your body fat!"

Wow!I know you'll be wanting to download the diet now. The e-book costs only $24.99, an absolute steal I'm sure you'll agree.

Click here to find out more - just one click to a slimmer you!

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