Benedict Cumberbatch Tries New Name On for Size

Benedict Cumberbatch may be a very talented actor (proven by all the plaudits and nominations for various awards he's received), but let's not kid ourselves, that name is a mouthful.

Thankfully Jimmy Kimmel was on hand to help Benedict try out a few other names, ranging from the everyday 'Tim' to the slightly more rare 'Luigi McPenis'.


And as talented as Cumberbatch may be (despite his inability to pronounce 'penguin' sometimes), he's not really able to pull off anything other than Benedict. A 'Chad' he very much is not.


*Cue Bruno Mars' 'Just The Way You Are'*

So what do you reckon, do people just grow into their names and suit them perfectly? Or are you convinced that your name just isn't, you know, you?

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