The best tweets from that Michaella McCollum interview

Everyone one remembers when the name Michaella McCollum hit the headlines back in the the summer of 2013 - the 20-year-old Tyrone woman who found herself arrested for smuggling cocaine alongside Scottish-born Melissa Reid, becoming known as The Peru Two to the rest of the world.

Michaela was originally imprisoned for six years and 8 months but was released last week having served two and a half years of her sentence, and RTE headed out to South America to secure the first interview.

And well, it's proven quite the talking point today, mainly due to how media trained Michaella came across, the lack of any kind of difficult questioning, and of course, the real shocker of it all - that she is no longer rocking her bun and is sporting a blonde do now.

The interview did appear like she had rehearsed each sentence word for word for the last two and a half years, but then, she probably did, and as contrived as it may have seemed, at least she emerged from almost three years in a South American prison as a together and unbroken young woman.

We do think Celebrity Big Brother will come a-knockin' though..

Here's the best reaction from the good folk of Twitter...


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