Beyoncé, her mama and Blue Ivy dressed as Salt-N-Pepa is just the cutest

Ooooh baby baby, b-b-b-Bey Bey

When Beyoncé does something, she does it 100%. Which why her Salt-N-Pepa look for Halloween this year wasn't limited to just herself. Oh no, she got the whole family in on it.

Beyoncé shared this slideshow of the Carter-Knowles family Halloween costume to Instagram today and to say she nailed it would be an understatement.

And what's even better is that she got Blue Ivy and her mother in on it too, with both of them killing their 'Push It' looks before going to Bey's cousin Angie’s '80 and '90 themed party (which is why Jay Z was also dressed as Dwayne Wayne).

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And if you're wondering if she got the seal of approval from the original Salt-N-Pepa, the answer is 'Hell yes'.

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