Beyoncé's mum dressing as her daughters is the best thing

When you have daughters as famous as Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, it’s perfectly acceptable to mimic their style.

Tina Knowles Lawson picked some of her kids’ iconic looks and adapted them as her own, looking absolutely fabulous in the process.

Beyoncé and Solange’s mum shared the pictures on her Instagram page. One was captioned, ‘This is my rendition of Beyoncé,’ in which she dressed in a shoulderless black dress, hat covering her eyes, gold jewellery and two blonde plaits. The look is reminiscent of what Beyonce wore in her ‘Formation’ video.

This is my rendition of Beyonce'

A photo posted by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

In the second picture, she recreated the cover of Solange’s ‘A Seat At The Table’ album, posing with coloured hair clips in her hair.


This is my rendition of Solange❤️

A photo posted by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

Last weekend, Solange (who, like her sister, had a No. 1 album this year) in fact made her debut appearance on SNL, performing ‘Cranes in the Sky’ and ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ on the show.

Her mom and sister were there for support, as well as to remind her that she’s their baby:


The Knowles family everyone.

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