Bold BBC Staff Stung for Betting on Great British Bake Off Winner

We did always wonder how this didn't end up happening more often when it comes to these type of shows. The Great British Bake Off final takes place tomorrow night on BBC1, but as many will know, the show itself was per-recorded last summer.

We assume all employees involved are contracted up to their eyeballs not to say who the winner is, but it seems temptation got too much for some of them when it came to placing bets on the winner.

It's emerged the BBC are undergoing an investigation into claims that staff have been involved in a betting scandal, with Ladbrokes reporting to have received bets from employees.

The bookies have said that dozens of accounts were opened with them by staff from the BBC along with Love Productions who make the show. One individual has placed a bet of up to ten grand.

Ah here, come on guys, if you're going to be that dishonest at least be a bit smarter about it.

A source from Ladbrokes told The Sun newspaper; "Whoever is doing this thinks they are being very clever. But they are not that smart as they have been using their own names to open accounts.

"A quick Google and you can see that [some of them work] in television and have close links to the BBC and Great British Bake Off’s production company.

"Lots of the other accounts appear to be owned by friends and family of culprits. They must think we are a bit thick but we know how to sniff out funny business like this. Placing everything on one baker again and again immediately set off red flags."

While the BBC have responded saying; "We have no knowledge of these claims and have asked The Sun to provide us with details to be able to look into it. We are still waiting".

Love Productions have said; "We take any allegation of breach extremely seriously".

Tomorrow night's Bake Off will see Nadiya Hussain, Ian Cumming and Tamal Ray battle it out for the title, and airs on BBC1 at 8pm.

Who is your money on? And will you be watching?


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