Bombshells, court cases and heartbreak

A look ahead to the soaps this week...


It's the week of Gordon's trial on Emmerdale as Aaron prepares to face his father in court. Things get off to a rocky start too as Aaron struggles to cope with the defence's questioning while Chas also decides to have words with Gordon outside of court. Wednesday then will see Liv and Sandra give evidence, but will his sister choose to side with her dad or Aaron? The verdict is announced on Friday, and we can only HOPE justice is served for Aaron.

Also this week, things heat up between Belle and the doctor, so much so that on Monday night, Dr. Bailey goes and accidentally gives David the wrong test results after he almost catches the pair kissing. Ah here.

Elsewhere, Andy and Chrissie decide to move in together, Megan finally realises she could do with some help following the christening this week, and Rhona starts to get negative reviews on the veterinary practice's website, but who is behind them?

Coronation Street

Bethany is once again targeted by the bullies on Monday night when she is out with baby Harry, however Nick sees what's happening, and totally loses the plot, hurling one of the girls bags into the road. The least they deserve but we can imagine that will only make things worse.

Elsewhere, Sharif grows suspicion of Gary and his drug dealing for Izzy, leading to some drastic consequences later in the week.

Also, Maria is back! Yeah, we didn't miss her either. She seems to be hiding something though, and Luke will be in for one hell of a surprise when he finds out what on Wednesday.


You won't want to miss EastEnders on Monday night, as Abi's baby secret is outed in The Vic for the world to know. Ben and Phil are seething with the news but Jay has some home truths for Ben on Tuesday when he reminds him that this wouldn't have happened if he admitted to being gay. Or you know, if he wasn't dating crazy Abi...


Also this week, Johnny makes a surprise return! It's a different actor than the one who previously played the Carter son but sure we'll get over that. He's in for a few shocks though as he realises all that has gone on with his family since he left.

Elsewhere, Belinda arrives back on the Square and drops a bombshell on Stacey on Thursday night. Ah come on, hasn't she had enough drama recently?

Fair City

Dermot is heartbroken over Deirdre's revelation about Jo's other man. So are we, to be honest, how could you Jo?! Just when we had all finally gotten over all that Tommy nonsense. Tonight, he realises that Jo has moved in with this Wes fella, and as he can't go to America himself due to a pending court case, he asks Orla to volunteer (as tribute). Things get even more awkward for poor aul Dermo when he tries to kiss Deirdre later in the week...Eeek.

Also this week, looks like there's romance in the air for Jane, who also celebrates her 40th birthday this week... well Wayne makes her celebrate it but sure we all know she loves the attention really.

Elsewhere, Ellie continues to act up and Renee thinks it's time she saw a counsellor, however there's worry she'll drop the old 'my mam was secretly drugging me for months' bombshell.

Red Rock

Brian's court case has finally arrived and Wednesday will see Rachel take to the stand, but will she be able to keep up her lies? We can only HOPE she'll crack under oath.

Angela must also take the stand, but will she decide to defend Brian and protect her family? Or will the truth prevail?

Elsewhere, at the Garda station Nikki rallies her troops – after all their hard work this could finally be the day they send down Brian. Just as she’s about to leave for court though, a crucial piece of evidence lands on her lap that could turn everything on its head, potentially bringing the whole trial to a sudden halt...


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