Bombshells galore on this week's soaps

Here's your preview of all the drama ahead in soapland this week...


Kirin is really struggling with baby Johnny this week, and it escalates tonight when he ends up screaming in the poor child's face. Lucky Carly is there to come to the rescue, but can't imagine that behaviour will go down well with Vanessa once she finds out.

Elsewhere, Aaron struggles under the pressure of Gordon's threats, who warns him he will go to the police about Cain if he doesn't withdraw his statement. They just don't get more manipulative or evil than that Gordon.

Also this week, there's nowt like a woman scorned in soapland, as Tess goes extreme Bunny Boiler on Paddy and insists he leave Rhona for her. When she doesn't get what she wants, she decides it's time to give Rhona a call....

Coronation Street

What about that Simon, 'ey? Right little pup these days, we blame Peter.

Leanne is understandably not coping well with his behaviour, especially when it emerges that the young fella he injured at the football game may never be able to play again. She decides to take drastic measures to deal with him and ends up calling the police. Harsh...but something needs to be done with him.

Also this week, Beth has a run-in with some hair dye in the salon, while Anna tries to make amends with Kevin over her recent outbursts - just tell him the truth about Phelan already! We can't stand looking at that fella any longer.



Jordan finds himself in some trouble this week as he gets beaten up by a group of men, lucky for him though Denise is determined to help him, but will he accept it or not?

Also this week, Ben is preparing himself to finally break it off with Abi, but she may just have another trick up or sleeve yet to keep him around.

Elsewhere, Lee and Mick try to convince Buster not to leave, reminding him of how much he has to stick around for... although to be honest, we're not sure we'd really notice if he left the Square. Sorry Buster.

Fair City

You won't want to miss Fair City this week as all this Heather/Shane drama finally comes to a head. It all kicks off tonight when Shane decides it's time to call time on his affair with Heather, although she doesn't take the rejection well naturally enough (because she's cray cray). Meanwhile, Farrah has been doing some research and accurately comes to the conclusion that Heather has been making Ellie sick. G'wan Farrah, we knew you'd get there in the end.

It all leads to a showdown of sorts when Farrah confronts Heather in the pub, however, feeling the pressure, Heather announces in front of everyone - including Ama - that she lied about the tablets because she got them from Shane and that the two are having an affair.


The fallout from this revelation is set to continue throughout the week, as Heather seems to be coming more and more undone...

Red Rock


It looks like Rachel has her sights back on Conor this week, hardly a good idea but certainly a damn sight better than Brian. However Conor soon ruins everything by asking her to get heroine for him... dammit Conor. Also this week, Tommy decides to take drastic measures to help Conor cope with his addiction, and back at the Garda station, after months of migraines and increasingly volatile behaviour, Sean insists Adrijan visit the doctor to finally find out what’s wrong with him.

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