Breakups, Drugs and Reunions: This Week's Soap Preview


Jai's coke addiction takes an even uglier turn tonight when he doubles over in agony with Kirin as blood runs from his nose. A man cannot live on cocaine alone it seems. That's not before he manages to get Kirin into it too ahead of a pitch he has to do. That Jai, terrible bad influence. Hopefully this health scare will be enough to put him off but we doubt it. Also this week, Lawrence is faced with a police reconstruction of Robert's shooting which troubles him no end as he's afraid they will work out he is innocent - which would be a bad thing in crazy Lawrence world.. Later on in the week there's another arrest made in the case, although we are pretty confident this person didn't do it either. Don't worry though, we won't have months and months to wait to find out as all is set to be revealed in just a few short weeks.

Coronation Street

No Corrie tonight with the football, but it will be back on Wednesday where Fiz and Tyrone get some more news about Hope while Kylie is so desperate to get the building work in the annex finished that she offers to help herself. Elsewhere, Sarah struggles under questioning from Todd and Tony as to Callum's whereabouts. That one is going to crack any day now and it may just be on Friday when a heart to heart with vicar Billy leaves her wondering if she should confess all to him...



Kathy is still hoping to build bridges with Ben and while he rejects her initially tonight he soon can't but help warm to his mother. Dammit Kathy, where were you when he was killing Heather Trott and the like! She explains everything that has happened, but her luck runs out when she starts to trip over her lies - letting slip that she's actually still with Gavin. When Ben realises there is much more to the story, a terrified Kathy has to admit that Gavin has taken Phil hostage. She explains that Gavin is likely to hurt Phil if she doesn't get hold of some money quickly, will Ben be able to help her?

Later on in the week then, there's a moment of passion between Donna and Fatboy, which has been brewing for a while, but do they really want to be more than just friends?

Fair City


The trouble between Wayne and Orla continues this week, as if we weren't all sick of that by now. Just break up or make up for the love of God. Also this week, Tommy has a run-in with this Cathal fella, who has it coming really, but that certainly won't do Tommy any favours. Elsewhere, Nina struggles to maintain her double life, especially now that Charlotte is on the case. The whole Sash in prison storyline keeps trucking on too but Decco insists Sash stays with them when she gets out so looks like she will be returning to Carrigstown soon enough. That will makes things very messy for Nina indeed.

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