Brie Larson may be the first female superhero for Marvel

She's already a hero in many ways but the Oscar-winning Brie Larson is now in talks to star as Marvel's Captain Marvel, making for a swift departure from the intensity of Room into the big budget, blockbuster universe. No better woman.

Though no director is yet in place, a source tells EW that Miss Larson is in the midst of very early discussions about taking on this monumental role, and is the top choice of producers.

Should this go ahead, Brie will become the first female title character in a Marvel studio film, which is insane, considering that this is 2016. Over in the DC world, they've already made inroads introducing Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman earlier this year. But for Marvel, it's high time they caught up.

Though it won't hit theatres until March 2019, it's been a top priority of Kevin Feige's for quite some time. In 2014 he said: “Let me clarify... Captain Marvel has gone by many names in the comics, has had many people who’ve inhabited that costume and used that power base. I want to make it very clear: This hero’s name is Carol Danvers.”


Should Brie take on this role, her character will “straddle two worlds. Her origins are very much Earthbound, but her adventures and power base come from the cosmic realm.”


Via EW

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