Brie Larson pens lovely message to Jacob Tremblay

Oscar nominated Room is one of the most talked about movies of the past year, with its lead Brie Larson securing a Best Actress Oscar while her co-star Jacob Tremblay was pretty much the darling of every red carpet he walked over award season.

It's always been pretty obvious that Larson and Tremblay have developed quite the bond over the course of filming and in the time they have spent together promoting Room. However the pair just finished their publicity tour together yesterday in Japan so had to say their goodbyes to each other, for now anyways, and Larson took to Instagram to pay tribute to her talented little co-star.

"28 weeks ago Room premiered at the Telluride Film Festival. After the screening Jacob Tremblay and I toasted. He had chocolate milk and I had red wine. I remember feeling so vulnerable after sharing this movie with the world for the first time; unsure of what was to come.

"Last night marked what may be our final toast to this film. He had a soda and I had sake. We are in Japan. Together we have travelled the globe, spent almost two years hanging out, playfully arguing about things like who can hold their breath the longer and talking at length about Room."


"At its core, every step of the way has been taken with love. We were generous and patient with each other. We laughed a lot, especially when it was hard. We picked each other up, answered for the other when one was tired and always kept silliness alive.

"Thank you Room for bringing us together. Thank you Room for uniting us with the rest of the world. Thank you to everyone who shared this journey with us. I will never ever forget it."


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