Can Being Addicted to Red Bull Cause Blindness?

A habit of drinking 28 cans of Red Bull every day has left an Irish mother-of-three in a bad way, as you'd expect.

Lena Lupari, Co. Antrim, has developed idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) after drinking 3,000 calories worth of the energy drink every day.

The condition, which can be brought on by rapid weight gain, can lead to the swelling of optic nerves. 26 stone Lena, who had been spending over €600 a month on the drink, collapsed in June before being brought to hospital, having not been able to see, or lift her head.

‘I’d been suffering from migraines and headaches for about five years but I just ignored them and took painkillers'

‘Then my vision went and I couldn’t even lift my head off the bed and I ended up in hospital for six days.’


Lena has since left the hospital, cut Red Bull from her diet and lost two stone, but has been warned by doctors that she must lose a further five stone to make sure her symptoms stay under control.

Having already stated that she doesn't want a gastric band fitted, or to have surgery, Lupari has called for the NHS to help her lose the weight through 'something like a bootcamp'.

Via Daily Mail

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