Corrie Live, Confessions & a Shooting: This Week's Soapy Bits

Here's our preview of the best of the soaps this week...

  • Coronation Street

David and Kylie are shocked when Callum saunters into the Bistro tonight, not a bother to him, as it turns out he has been released on bail. He later then turns up at the Platts house and offers David and Kylie a deal - get him £20,000 by tonight and he'll be gone for good, or he'll hurt them. Jaysus. Seems Jason is out for revenge too when he hears Callum is around. All of it will lead to the dramatic live episode that will go out on Wednesday, don't miss it.

  • Emmerdale

A whole load of drama this week in Emmerdale which kicks off tonight with Andy finally realising that it was Aaron that Katie called just before she died, and slowly he starts to piece things together. It all leads to Robert's shocking confession to his brother this Wednesday night when he finally admits to killing Katie.

It doesn't stop there though as Emmerale have decided to go down the 'Who Shot JR' road with Robert getting shot this Thursday. Question is, who pulls the trigger?

  • EastEnders

More court drama tonight as once again Marcus drags Abi's name through the mud leading to Lauren pretty much washing her hands of her dad. Don't miss Thursday night's episode where Jane takes to the stand with a shocking revelation... does she finally tell the truth or what is she up to?

Meanwhile, Charlie and Roxy are preparing to leave Walford with Matthew. As word of their departure starts to spread, will their escape go to plan? And just what is Roxy up to anyways? Is it Charlie or Ronnie she is conspiring with?

  • Fair City

Dermot and Jo are faced with devastating news about Ben as it’s discovered he may have more health worries than they initially thought...

Orla and Wayne must get used to their new life as staff of McCoys as Hughie has taken over as owner. Tonight will see Hughie inform the staff that he has yet to decide on managers but will assess their performances and then choose, leading to Orla and Jane battling it out. Either way, there’s definitely a huge shift in the McCoys hierarchy this week, as you can see below!


Wish soaps do you follow? What story-line has you gripped?

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