Daniella Moyles' classy response to TV outfit flack

Earlier in the week, radio presenter / model / all around talented sort Daniella Moyles appeared on TV3's Seven O'Clock Show to raise awareness for charity Concern after her recent trip to The Lebanon. Instead of viewers absorbing the message about charity, some of them found themselves incensed and "put off" their dinner as a result of Moyle's Pretty Little Thing jumpsuit.

Such reactions included the below, which Daniella took the time to respond to in a good natured fashion...


Daniella has since come out with a cracking response to those who took offence to her choice of clothing, which reads thusly:

"I understand that there's easy press to be made here but don't let my fashion choices or my very tiny cleavage distract from what I was there to highlight. I saw one woman comment on an image of me that money can't buy class. Firstly I'm smashed until pay day thank you very much but after I make my donation to Concern I will be sure to look into that. Grateful that this is my biggest problem today. I don't have to deal with no running water or deciding whether or not to sell my body to provide for my starving child. I am safe, healthy and happy and privileged to be so. Donations can be made at concern.net."

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