Did you Happen to See Xpose's Newest Presenter?

Vincent Brown is no stranger to an exposé in the journalistic sense, but despite the title, we never thought we'd see him on this show!

Not that we're doubting his broadcasting ability of course, but we just thought that Vincent might not be as at home with the world of Kim Kardashian and the Victoria's Secret angels as he is with the goings on in the Dail. Ever the professional though, Vinny flawlessly and naturally worked his way through the intro segment, as well as giving us an inside line on who he thinks might be next up for the hosting gig on X-Factor after Dermot O'Leary's departure.

This was actually part of an April Fool's Day prank, but the video was only uploaded yesterday evening.


The two work brilliantly as a duo, so we'd like to see Glenda on Tonight after this, it's only fair she return the favour. Which unlikely pairings do you think would be TV gold?

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