Did you see that moment from Celebrity First Dates?

Yes, John from Celebrity First Dates really did offer Esther Rantzen a trip to Ireland.

If you were watching this weekend's Celebrity First Dates, you'll recall the date between journalist Esther Rantzen and Irish 'oul lad / solicitor John Wood.

And by all accounts, the two hit it off incredibly well and Dame Rantzen was nothing if not charmed by John and his antics during the date. Needless to say, everybody was rooting them both.


Then, sadly, came the proverbial foot in the mouth when John made an off-colour joke about Esther's age - which went down like a lead balloon.



It's a shame because, up until that point, 'oul John was in there. However, the solicitor came up with an ingenious plan to win over Rantzen.

A trip around Ireland and a bouquet of flowers.


As it stands right now, we're not sure if Rantzen took him up on the offer, but here's hoping because these two have Celebrity Gogglebox or a potential spin-off writen all over them.


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