Did You See THAT Ray D'Arcy Interview with Pamela Anderson?

It really is going from bad to worse to much, much worse for Ray D'Arcy. After facing down another barrage of criticism last week, there are now fresh calls for Ray D'Arcy's late night talk show to be cancelled in the wake of a particularly squirmy interview with former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. We have to say, we're really disappointed. We grew up with Ray on The Den and we listened to his radio show for years and honestly, we wouldn't have expected this from him. What's going on, Ray?

Poor Pamela had to endure a variety of questions and really poor jokes during the course of the interview, including a reference to a short-lived sitcom Anderson took part in called Stacked and a photo of her at a formal ceremony with the Prince of Montenegro.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter was in uproar following the interview with Maia Dunphy leading the charge.

It wasn't just Maia Dunphy, however. Many people were slamming D'Arcy's interview style and noted the fact the next interview after Pamela Anderson was Roisin Ingle of the Irish Times discussing the role of feminism.



We just don't understand where this came from! We remember Ray as being supportive and respectful of women. Did you see it? Could you believe it?


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