Diet Debate: The Little Things That Can Have The Greatest Impact On Your Ass

Celebrities are a funny lot. Sometimes I find myself raising one eyebrow when the latest size zero supermodel is at pains to tell us about her diet of pasta, ice cream and Sunday roasts. Especially when it is literally painfully obvious that she exists on a diet of acorns and belly button fluff.

I know that some people have a fast metabolism and actually struggle to put on weight. Their challenge is as daunting as anybody else’s. What concerns me is the unrealistic weight loss picture that is painted by some of these celebrity endorsed, fully skimmed white lies.

kelly osbourne apple water

Kelly Osbourne put her three stone weight loss down to the fact that she upped her water intake and ate half an apple before bed. If it really was that easy, women all over the world would be gnawing on a Granny Smith before leaba land and then jumping out of bed into their size eight jeans.

Other celebrities tell it like it is. Victoria’s Secret model Adrianna Lima revealed the extreme lengths she goes to before a show. Beyoncé was open about the cayenne pepper and maple syrup diet that saw her weight plummet 20 pounds in two weeks as she prepared for her Dreamgirls role.

Being healthy trumps everything else. You can be any damn size you want if you are fit and happy in your own skin. But keeping your weight in check relative to your height, build and metabolism is still a big part of taking care of yourself and your health.



Existing on protein shakes and detox juices is not sustainable in the long term but there are small changes that we can make. These can be relatively easy to implement and yet can have a big effect on our waistline.

I have swapped regular milk for unsweetened almond milk and feel so much better for the change. It doesn’t have the strange aftertaste that I found in soya milk and has a light and yummy nutty flavour.

alpro lindt wasabi

When I feel in need of something crunchy and spicy, I put the Monster Munch and Tayto back and reach for a packet of wasabi peas. I know it doesn’t have the same ring to it but I love these tasty little guys. Instead of having three Hob Nobs with my tea, I’ll break off a square of Lindt dark chocolate (the orange version is my current favourite) and enjoy that as a delicious alternative.


We don’t want to deprive ourselves but we want to be aware of what we are choosing to fuel our bodies with. And that might just help us with our desire to shed a few pounds.

Do you have any tips? Have you made any small changes that you can share? To the comments! And beyoooond!

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