Dublin's Fair Coffee Shops - Our Top Five of the Lot

If you hadn't already heard, today's International Coffee Day, so we've already had about five cups.

That's nothing to do with the day that's in it, that's just a regular Tuesday, but we couldn't let the day pass us by without marking it with a hat-tip to some of our favourite coffee shops around Dublin city. Now, we're only including Dublin coffee shops because that's where we are at this particular moment in time ( actually they are all situated within about 10 minutes of Beaut HQ) but please let us know which ones you rate in places outside the capital!

VICE - Lower Abbey Street

Since opening up in The Twisted Pepper back in January 2013, this place has been one of our favourites. Their amazing iced coffees got us through those two weeks of sun we had this year.

Nick's Coffee - Ranelagh

It's a bit out of the way, but the next time you're near Ranelagh you should definitely drop into this little hut. All coffees are under €3 (free for over-65s) and if you're not lucky enough to nab a place in the seating area, you can just have a stroll through Ranelagh, or head over to the park right beside it. If you're from that part of town it's the perfect spot to grab a caffeine boost of the way to work.


Brother Hubbard - Capel Street

How are we meant to get lunch here and not pick up a cup afterwards - it's almost like they're forcing us. They work with 3fe (on Grand Canal Street Lower) to bring you some really exceptional coffee.

Caffe Cagliostro - Blooms Lane

If you're in doubt about the quality of this place, just know that our commercial director lived in Italy and our web designer is from Sicily, and both are agreement this place is just the best. Known to us as "the Italian place around the corner", we may not know much about directions or street names, but we know this place is amazing.

Joe's Coffee - Liffey Street Upper

Situated in Arnotts, this place is the perfect stop if you're out shopping for the day. It's a specialty coffee shop, with their fair trade hand roasted beans coming from Workshop Coffee in London, via Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, but if you're in need of a feed, you should try out their soups and sandwiches.


The shop is brought to you by the owners of Itsa Bagel, so you know the food is up to scratch.

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