EastEnders Release Really Creepy Christmas Promo Pics

The soaps generally like to reach new levels of drama around the festive season. In fact for soap fans, it's like their, eh, Christmas. EastEnders is really pulling the boat out this year though and treating it pretty much like live week, with twists and turns around every corner.

Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has also just announced that a central character will die on Christmas Day. DIE, we tells ya. The sheer drama of it all.

Discussing the Christmas episodes he said; "We've got twists and surprises, the way we did in Live Week, that no-one knows about. There's some really, really big surprises that we haven't revealed and we're not going to reveal, so you're going to have to watch live on Christmas Day. Someone will die on Christmas Day that we haven't revealed to anyone, so that will be a surprise."

We're predicting it will be Dean, although there is a lot going on all over the Square, "The action keeps going," Treadwell-Collins said. "You've got Danny Dyer's stag and it goes through to Mick and Linda's wedding. There's a lot of secrets blowing up between Vincent and Kim. You've got Mitchells, you've got Beales, Kat and Alfie come back, and then there's a massive new story for Stacey Slater."

There's also that devil child aka Bobby to consider. Let's face it though, he'll probably kill them all eventually.

Check the creepy promo pics below. Looks more like Halloween than Christmas.


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