EastEnders tease Mother's Day death

Not content with giving the unfortunate residents of Albert Square shoddy Christmases and Halloweens, the soap has now set upon Mother's Day as a potential day of torment for some of the cast.

The drama is set to focus on the Hubbard and Fox family, and apparently some lives may be left on the line

A spokesperson for the soap has released a statement saying; "As shocking truths come to light, all hell breaks loose - changing the Hubbard family forever. Will all come out alive?"

The storyline will revolve around Claudette who starts getting blackmailed by a mystery person, although not one to take things lying down, she agrees to meet the the blackmailer on Mother's Day... which we're going to go right ahead and say is clearly a bad idea.


While Denise Fox will also face trouble with her step-son Jordan, who she needs to stop from going through with a dangerous plan. Like father, like son, wha'?

You can see all the drama unfold in the week commencing Monday, March 7 on RTE One.

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