Embarrassing Bodies' Dr Pixie McKenna Brings New Show to Ireland

We've always wondered if a show like Embarrassing Bodies could ever work in Ireland, considering that we would most likely all know Mary from down the road who was getting her bits out on the telly.

Although RTE aren't quite going that far, and while this new medical show will feature Embarrassing Bodies' Dr Pixie McKenna, it will most likely be dealing with less controversial ailments.

Set to be called "You Should Really See a Doctor", the show will be co-presented by fellow Cork native Dr Phil Kieran, who will be making his small screen debut. The pair will travel around the country with a pop-up clinic offering on the spot consultations and health checks.

McKenna told TheJournal.ie; "We’re looking for cybercondriacs really. It’s an odd statistic, but 1 in 8 Irish people who research their symptoms online are diagnosing themselves incorrectly."

While Kieran added; “It’s really interesting, everyday I’m seeing two or three people who have gone online to check out illnesses, and I’m definitely seeing some who are misdiagnosing.


"We’re hoping to see those that ignore ailments, and also those who’d claim that they never normally go to the doctor. You know the type – those who’d walk into your surgery and lead with 'I wouldn’t be here only so-and-so made me'."

The show is also actively looking for participants, you can catch them at the Taste of Cavan Fair on 8 August, as well as both the Limerick Agricultural Show on 22 August and the Offaly Irish Game and Country Fair at Birr Castle on 29 August.

Head here to download applications to take part or be an audience member on the show.

Are you a symptom Googler? Have you ever diagnosed/frightened the life out of yourself after checking your symptoms on Dr. G?

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