How To Embrace Your Pale Skin

We come from a nation of fake tan lovers so embracing our natural, pale complexion doesn't come easy to us.

I spent my teenage years layering up on Sally Hansen fake tan before going to underage discos despite the fact that I hated the stuff.

It was a classic case of peer pressure and my teenage self being desperate to fit in with all of the tan obsessed girls.

I quickly stopped trying to fit in as I realised that fake tanning just wasn't for me but I still didn't love my pale skin.

Now there's nothing wrong with a bit of fake tan if applied well it can look amazing and really boost your confidence, but why shouldn't you feel that same confidence without it.

Here are some tips to help you start embracing your natural, beautiful pale skin:

1. Reduce the amount of fake tan you wear

The first step to embracing your pale skin is to reduce the amount of fake tan you wear.

If you're one of those people who always has some tan on then try going a few days without it before applying some more.

Gradually extend the amount of time you wait before applying more tan so you get used to seeing yourself without it.

2. Follow the pale skin hashtag on Instagram

If your social media is full of people with flawlessly looking fake tan it's only going to make you feel worse about your natural skin tone.

So follow #paleskin on Instagram. This way your feed will be full of people embracing their naturally light skin tone and you'll get used to the idea of not wearing fake tan all the time.


3. Take more photos of yourself with no fake tan on

If you're wearing tan in all of your selfies and group photos then every time you look at them, similar to the previous point you will feel bad about yourself.

So go find a good location with great natural light and have yourself a little photoshoot.

When you see amazing pictures of yourself that are fake tan free, it will help you realise that you look just as good with tan on as without.

The only difference is how you perceive yourself.

4. Invest in some amazing highlighters

You don't need to wear fake tan to have gorgeous, glowing skin.

You just need to invest in some good body shimmers and highlighters, to help enhance your beautiful pale complexion.

Why not try this shimmer oil from Cocoa Brown in the shade 'Ice Goddess' which retails for €11.95.



Do you have any other advice on how to embrace your pale skin?

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