How confident are you really?

As Julie Andrews famously once sang in the Sound of Music, "I have confidence in me!" But is that true for Irish women? Just how confident are we, really?

We recently asked you, our readers, to take a survey* alllll about the beauty of confidence. We asked what confidence looks like to you, how you make yourself feel confident, and how confident you feel on a day-to-day basis, plus lots more! And the results are in.

Alarmingly only 6% of respondents feel very confident on a day to day basis, 55% said they feel fairly confident but 40% said they do not feel confident at all. When it comes to looks, 43% do not feel attractive and 49% said how attractive they feel has a fairly big impact on their confidence. 99% of women say their physical appearance impacts their self-confidence.

Beauty still plays a key role in boosting confidence with 74% saying they feel more confident with make up on.

Speaking about the research, Beaut's Megan O’Riordan, said,

It is compelling to see that Irish women are confident talkers when it comes to work, sex and mental health. However, we have a lot of work to do on feeling confident from the inside out. The insights from the research show that the people you surround yourself with and how you feel when you look in the mirror massively impacts confidence. champions honest, trustworthy and expert content around wellness, beauty and style and will act as a genuine source of empowerment for Irish women.

When it comes to body self-esteem, only 9% feel very confident when naked with a partner and half of respondents are not confident at all. When trying on clothes, over half (52%) feel confident when they are on their own, but this drops to 37% when they are with other people. Only 19% feel confident in a bikini, 30% feel confident when working out in a gym and just 2% feel very confident when they have their period.

The research was discussed at the annual Beaut Awards earlier this week in the Morrison Hotel with TV stylist Irene O’Brien, the Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock and Xpose Guest Reporter, Nadine Reid.


We are a nation of talkers, as the research shows that half of women are comfortable talking about sex, mental health and 43% are confident talking in meetings and about issues in work. In the age of online dating, 40% are not confident going on dates.

The research also explored where women draw their confidence from and what do they perceive confidence to look like. Only 3% believe a quiet person is confident while 70% think confidence is a self-assured person. When in relationships, 34% feel more confident when they are with someone but 54% feel the same as they always did.

So, what helps Irish women feel confident?

  • 42% chose a blow-dry as their beauty treatment to give them confidence
  • 28% have chosen mascara as their beauty product for a confidence boost
  • 22% feel more confident when they have their hair and makeup done well

Beaut recently welcomed confidence and wellness expert, Caroline Foran, to the team, who will be giving Beaut readers honest and real advice on an array of confidence related issues from living with anxiety, mental health issues to overcoming and facing fears.

Commenting on her new role, Caroline Foran said, “I am delighted to be joining Beaut as their new confidence and wellness expert. My new series on Beaut will give Irish women practical and incredibly helpful tools with which they can build their personal confidence in whatever area they most need it. As always, expect a zero-bullshit attitude, honest conversation and plenty of relatable humour.”

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*Research was carried out in August 2018 by Empathy Research.

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