Ever Wonder What Happened to the Sad 'Love, Actually' Couple?

Love, Actually divides opinion among movie fans. Some love it and go as far as to name it as their favourite ever Christmas movie. Others see it as a flawed film that tried to do too much in too short a time.

Whichever category you fall into, you're likely to agree on at least one thing. The Emma Thomspon / Alan Rickman strand serves up the most poignant moment in the whole movie.

We are of course referring to the moment that Emma Thompson's Karen learns that the gold necklace she found in her husband's coat is for someone else. She retires to her bedroom and listens to the Joni Mitchell CD he got her instead. She quietly absorbs whats after happening to her, let's out a wave of emotion and then dusts herself off before returning to Super Mum mode. It's devastating, heartbreaking and everything in between. Thompson is perfect.

It gets us EVERY TIME!

We're not the only ones. Richard Curtis and his family attended a midnight screening of the film at the weekend and his wife, Emma Freud, live tweeted it. Here's her thoughts on that scene.

Karen did go on to confront Harry (Alan Rickman) about the necklace in another heartbreaking scene...


....but fans were left in the dark about what their fate would be. They had an awkward embrace during the airport set epilogue but it was left ambiguous as to whether or not they were still together. Well now we have an answer and you might be disappointed.

Kind of sad right? But to be fair, authentic. Which is something a lot of people would argue most of the other strands in the film lack. On a happier note, Freud was also kind enough to share this tidbit too.

So now you know.

Via Metro


So, which camp do you fall into?

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